wouter kool

My name is Wouter Kool and I am a postdoctoral researcher the labs of Fiery Cushman and Sam Gershman in the Department of Psychology and the Center for Brain Science at Harvard University. Before coming to Cambridge, I did my doctoral work in the Botvinick Lab at Princeton University.

My research focuses on issues that lie at the intersection of the science on cognitive control, decision making, and social psychology. I am interested in how our intrinsic bias to avoid mental effort affects (social) cognition.

You can reach me at wkool@fas.harvard.edu.

recent papers

Effort costs in model-based control
We provide the first evidence that our willingness to exert model-based control depends on the amount of mental effort it requires.
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How we decide how to decide?
We show that humans adaptively balance habitual (model-free) and goal-directed (model-based) reinforcement learning through online cost-benefit analysis.
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